Workshop Breakout Session 1

9:30 – 10:45am

Presented By: Frank Goldberg, Vice Provost for Resource Planning and Management
Target Audience: College and Vice Chancellor level and other senior administrators
Description: If plans are not meaningful without resources to back them, how can UIC implement campus-wide plans and priorities under a budget model that pushes resources and operational decision-making to the individual colleges? This workshop will provide a broad overview of UIC’s budget model and discuss the principles under which the campus and the individual colleges work to achieve UIC’s mission, goals, and plans.
Learning Objectives:
  • Describe basic concepts of responsibility-centered management and how UIC’s model is similar and different.
  • Recognize campus and College/Vice Chancellor roles and responsibilities in both the planning and budgeting processes.
  • Describe the interrelationship between autonomy and accountability.
Presented By:
  • Steve Wiggs, Director, OBFS University Payables
  • Darren Strater, Assistant Director, OBFS University Payables
Target Audience: Business managers and unit staff who currently process employee reimbursements or miscellaneous payments to vendors, e.g., honorariums, student awards, purchases of goods of under $400
Description: This workshop will provide information on the University’s new travel and expense management system.  Included will be details regarding system set up, roles within the system, the approval processes, system functionality and processes, and the travel card.  If your unit has not deployed the system, come to see what is in store.  If your unit has deployed, please come with questions.
Learning Objective: Gain an understanding of the new electronic system replacing paper voucher processing.
Presented By:
  • Amneh Kiswani, Interim Associate Director, OVCR Office of Research Services
  • Mike Anderson, Senior Research eRA Coordinator, OVCR Office of Research Services
  • Brenda Barrie, Grants and Contracts Coordinator, OVCR Office of Research Services
  • Megan Konley, OVCR Research Coordinator, OVCR Office of Research Services
Target Audience: Department research administrators
Description: Business managers are responsible for the day-to-day oversight and
management of the administrative aspects of sponsored program
activities within the units/departments. This includes budget oversight
and adherence to University, State, Federal and individual agency
requirements. Other units/departments such as the Office of Research Services (ORS), the Office of Grants and Contracts (GCO) and regulatory offices support in that effort. Facilitation of that effort begins at the proposal stage. This workshop is focused on the key aspects of pre-award activities which departmental administrators ought to know.
Learning Objectives:
  • Review the role of the department research administrator.
  • Explain knowledge of and adherence to federal regulations (OMB Circulars A-21, A-110, and A-133).
  • List submission requirements – internal and external.
  • Review receipt and acceptance of awards including bilateral contractual agreements and unilateral grant agreements.
  • Identify available tools for successful departmental research administration.
Presented By:
  • Maureen Parks, Executive Director and Associate Vice President, University Human Resources
  • Jami Painter, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, University Human Resources
  • Jack McEnery, Director, HR Shared Services, UIC Human Resources
  • Rich Alpern, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences Administration
  • Margaret Woulfe, Associate University Counsel, University Counsel
  • Angela Yudt, Director, Faculty Affairs Human Resources
Target Audience: Management responsible for college/unit operations
Description: This workshop will offer a multi-point perspective on college/unit retirement planning for continued effective operations. Topics will include information about agreements, legal concerns, knowledge transfer and budget considerations.
Learning Objective: Review information to help colleges/units plan proactively for potential retirements.
Presented By:
  • Sandy Ehler, Executive Director, OBFS University Payables
  • Jim Martinie, Director, OBFS University Payables
Target Audience: Business managers who work with payables transactions
Description: Do you struggle with knowing when to use a purchase requisition and when to use an invoice voucher?  Do you understand when to use the Special Payment Form?  Do you know why sometimes your payment requests don’t get paid quickly?  This workshop will provide guidelines for avoiding payment issues and will enable you to apply the proper rules and steps for payments.
Learning Objectives:
  • Differentiate when to use a purchase order requisition and when to use an invoice voucher.
  • Avoid payment snafus so that transactions can get paid on a timely basis.
  • Identify payment methods and forms related to payments.

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