Workshop Breakout Session 2

11:00am – 12:00pm

Presented By:
  • Fernando Howell, Assistant Director, Facilities and Space Planning
  • Jerry Lockwood, Assistant Director, Facilities and Space Planning
  • Dale Rush, Assistant Director,  Budgeting and Program Analysis 
Target Audience: Academic Fiscal Officers, FIMWeb gatekeepers, and others with responsibility for management of inventory or space within their unit
Description: In FY 2013, the campus is implementing a new model for distributing space cost to units. This will be a short presentation providing the rationale for the policy and a general overview of it. The majority of time will be used for detailed questions from participants about how it will work and the potential impact on their units.
Learning Objective: Attain an overview of UIC’s space economy and its implementation.
Presented By: Vanessa Peoples, Executive Director and Assistant Chief Business Officer, OBFS Grants and Contracts Office and Team
Target Audience: Department research administrators
Description: Your immediate response to this topic is a good indication of how prepared you are to effectively respond to the potential call you may receive indicating your award has been selected for audit. As a recipient of sponsored funds, how vulnerable is your department during audits? This workshop is designed to help you evaluate your level of preparedness and discuss the information and documentation that allow us to successfully respond to audit inquiries. We will look at operational practices that enable you to maintain supportable and well- documented processes as well as specific challenges we have encountered during recent audits that may directly impact you. The material will be based on specific UIC examples or experiences. However, the identities have been changed to protect the unknowing.
Learning Objectives:
  • Assess departmental policies and procedures that will lead to better audit results.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.
Presented By:
  • Brenda Barrie, Grants and Contracts Coordinator, OVCR Office of Research Services
  • Jeremy Hollis, Assistant Director of Business Development, Office of Technology Management
Target Audience: Business managers and other administrative personnel who support research faculty and research programs
Description: This workshop will provide an overview of relevant University policies and practices to be effective in supporting research faculty and research programs. It will focus on research and commercialization and provides a review of key policies and practices, an examination of tools and forms, and information about activities that support effective administration to support commercialization of research discoveries. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Review University General Rules regarding research gifts, grants and contracts, technical tests, and preferential treatment of sponsors.
  • Relate the processes supporting Material Transfer Agreements.
  • Cite the importance of the Disclosure of IP and Publication Rights form.
  • Review the invention disclosure process with the UIC Office of Technology Management.
  • Relate the importance of planning for successful protection of intellectual property.
  • Define the process of technology licensing and commercialization.
Presented By:
  • Marilyn LaBlaiks, Assistant Director, Labor and Employee Relations and HR Compliance, UIC Human Resources
  • Stephen Katz, Associate Director, Labor and Employee Relations, UIC Human Resources
  • Taycine McInnis, HR Assistant Manager, Labor and Employee Relations, UIC Human Resources
  • Elise Williams, Employee Relations Specialist, Labor and Employee Relations, UIC Human Resources
Target Audience: College/unit individuals with supervisory/managerial responsibilities
Description: This workshop will highlight best management practices that apply equally to Academic Professional (AP) and Civil Service (CS) employees. We will examine different processes for APs and CSs to be used when disciplinary action becomes necessary.
Learning Objective: Describe standard policies and procedures for managing Academic Professional and Civil Service employees.
Presented By:
  • Sherri Faith, Assistant Director of Accounting Information Management, OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Jason Bane, Business and Financial Coordinator, OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Timisha Luster, Resource and Policy Analyst, OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Mark McClellan, Financial Accounting and Reporting Analyst, OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Amy Pendle, Business and Financial Specialist, OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting
Target Audience: Finance and HR/Payroll users
Description: Let’s have fun with Accounting! Join University Accounting and Financial Reporting in a fast-paced presentation of tips and tools aimed to increase efficiency by providing the resources your office needs to resolve common problems. Topics will include encumbrances, account codes, and many more.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the impact these common problems have upon your business operations.
  • Locate the resources to avoid these common problems.
Presented By:
  • Beth Ladd, Assistant Director, AITS Decision Support
  • Mandy Bodine, Functional Area Coordinator, AITS Decision Support
  • Mark Pollard, Functional Area Coordinator, AITS Decision Support
Target Audience: Business managers with reporting and analysis responsibilities
Description: This workshop will review reports created in partnership with the OBFS Advisory Committee’s Reporting Sub-Committee. These reports include the College and Department Multifund reports and the Single Grant Overview (for a PI or Sponsored Research Administrator). Also, there will be an introduction to Excel-based analysis tools: Expense Trends (multi-year expenditure analysis) and FTE Headcount (multi-year employee headcount or FTE analysis).
Learning Objectives:
  • Receive an overview of reports for managing funds at a summary level in the department/college.
  • Review newest grant management report for a PI or research manager.
  • Review Excel-based tools for performing analysis of personnel and non-personnel expenditures as well as associated employee FTE and headcounts.
  • Identify appropriate reporting and analysis tools based on needs.


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