Workshop Breakout Session 3

1:45 – 2:45pm

 Presented By: William Walden, Special Assistant to the Provost for Diversity
 Target Audience: Conference attendees
 Description: The UIC Diversity Strategic Plan marks a pivotal point in UIC’s history, designed with the intention of guiding UIC towards achieving diversity and equity in all levels of our campus community and activities. It unifies the past work of many who often toiled in isolation to advance principles of inclusion, access and equity at UIC with the present activities of each student, staff or faculty member who shares the responsibility of realizing the UIC vision for diversity. During this workshop, you will hear how the Plan lays out an effective strategy execution for realizing the University’s priorities in this area as well as UIC’s preeminent vision of access to excellence and success.
 Learning Objectives:
  • Define the goals formulated to integrate diversity into our University and campus mission.
  • Describe the responsibilities of college and major administrative units for diversity commitments.
Presented By:
  • John Meehan, Assistant Director, OBFS Purchasing
  • Julia Kilgore, iBuy Trainer, OBFS Purchasing
Target Audience: Business managers and department administrators
Description: This workshop will discuss the strategic plan to grant “Shopper role access within iBuy to the UIC campus. Based on information received from service desk tickets for iBuy, we will review a case study addressing the frequently asked questions and complaints. Also, we will discuss current and pending procurement topics and how to best work with the UIC Purchasing Department on the corresponding issues.
Learning Objectives:
  • Review the strategic plan to roll-out iBuy “Shopper” access to employees at UIC.
  • Receive an update on new and pending procurement policies and issues.
Presented By: Jacquelyn Jancius, Conflict of Interest Director, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
Target Audience: Business managers and department research administrators
Description: The workshop will provide an update on the 2011 Public Health Services (PHS) Regulation changes for Conflict of Interest on PHS/HHS sponsored research. Highlights of the changes include definition of significant financial interest, extent of investigators’ disclosure of information to institutions regarding their significant financial interests, institution’s management of identified FCOIs, information reported to the PHS funding component, information available to the public, and investigator training requirements. PHS requires that the University comply with the regulation by August 24, 2012.
Learning Objectives:
  • Review the new Conflict of Interest requirements.
  • Identify how OVCR will implement process changes for PHS/HHS investigators with non-University financial relationships.
Presented By:
  • Tom Riley, Director, Labor and Employee Relations, UIC Human Resources
  • Margaret Woulfe, Associate University Counsel, University Counsel
Target Audience: College/unit individuals with supervisory/managerial responsibilities
Description: This workshop will provide information to assist supervisors with avoiding pitfalls, recognizing “red flags”, and identifying available resources for issue avoidance. Participants will be presented with strategies to proactively handle difficult employee relations matters.
Learning Objective: Recognize employee relations situations which require careful attention.
Presented By:
  • Sherri Faith, Assistant Director of Accounting Information Management, OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Jason Bane, Business and Financial Coordinator, OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Nick Deitch, Financial Accounting and Reporting Specialist, OBFS University Accounting and Financial Reporting
Target Audience: Administrators of self-supporting funds
Description: Managing self-supporting funds presents many challenges for busy administrators. Learn the results of the FY11 financial audit and state compliance audit and how to remain compliant. Best practices for year-end reporting and use of self-supporting funds will be discussed.
Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize the impact that year-end reporting has on self-supporting funds.
  • Describe how to complete the year-end Fact Sheet properly.
  • Locate resources available for self-supporting funds.
Presented By:
  • Beth Ladd, Assistant Director, AITS Decision Support
  • Mandy Bodine, Functional Area Coordinator, AITS Decision Support
  • Mark Pollard, Functional Area Coordinator, AITS Decision Support
Target Audience: Business managers with reporting and analysis responsibilities
Description: This workshop will review reports created in partnership with the OBFS Advisory Committee’s Reporting Sub-Committee. These reports include the College and Department Multifund reports and the Single Grant Overview (for a PI or Sponsored Research Administrator). Also, there will be an introduction to Excel-based analysis tools: Expense Trends (multi-year expenditure analysis) and FTE Headcount (multi-year employee headcount or FTE analysis).
Learning Objectives:
  • Receive an overview of reports for managing funds at a summary level in the department/college.
  • Review newest grant management report for a PI or research manager.
  • Review Excel-based tools for performing analysis of personnel and non-personnel expenditures as well as associated employee FTE and headcounts.
  • Identify appropriate reporting and analysis tools based on needs.


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