About the Conference

This is the sixth year this conference is being offered for UIC academic fiscal officers and school/college/department administrators with high-level research, human resources, and business and finance responsibilities. The mission of the conference is to provide its audience with knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities to enable them to manage the challenges they face and pursue excellence in their roles at the university.

The conference will offer attendees the opportunity to register for lunch tables according to discussion topics of their choice. They will be able to engage in discussions with other business and finance colleagues to share ideas, best practices and solutions to problems. There will be a facilitator for each discussion topic but discussions will be driven primarily by the participants’ comments and questions.   

Conference Sponsors

  • Lon Kaufman, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Mitra Dutta, Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Heather J. Haberaecker, Executive Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Robert A. Crouch, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Conference Planning Team

  • Mary Malcolm, OBFS, Associate Director for Training and Communications
  • Joanna Sojka, OBFS, Coordinator of Business and Financial Services