Schedule of Events

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

11:00am until 7:30pm Registration  
12:00pm Welcome Remarks  Room
1:40pm - 2:15pm Session 1 Room
  Architecture & Engineering (A&E/CM): CKL Engineers, LLC D
Communication & Marketing: MultiLatino Marketing Inc E
Facilities Services/Human Resources: Rozalado & Co. F
General Services: The Shred Authority G
Hospital Services & Supplies: Sterling Medical Products H
Information Technology: Revere Consulting I
2:15pm - 2:25pm Break  
2:25pm - 3:00pm Session 2 Room
  Architecture & Engineering (A&E/CM): EC Purdy D
Communication & Marketing: Lidia Varesco Design E
Facilities Services/Human Resources: Chicago Voice & Data Authority
General Services: Burchell Upholstery G
Hospital Services & Supplies: Victory Medical Equipment H
Information Technology: Clarity Partners, LLC I
3:05pm - 3:40pm Session 3 Room
  Architecture & Engineering (A&E/CM): Globetrotters Engineering Corporation
Communication & Marketing: Wedgeworth Communication E
Facilities Services/Human Resources: RTR Management and Consulting Services, LLC
General Services: LevelX Consulting, Inc. G
Hospital Services & Supplies: Carstens H
Information Technology: Ilerasoft I
3:40pm - 3:50pm Break  
3:50pm - 4:25pm Session 4 Room
  Architecture & Engineering (A&E/CM): Syte CM D
Communication & Marketing: Comadres E
Facilities Services/Human Resources: Haywood and Fleming Associates F
General Services: L J Ross Associates, Inc. G
Hospital Services & Supplies: Hilton Publishing Co (HPC) H
Information Technology: HighGate Management Solutions I
4:30pm - 5:05pm Session 5 Room
  Architecture & Engineering (A&E/CM): husARchitecture, Inc. D
Communication & Marketing: GAMEPlan Creative E
Facilities Services/Human Resources: JBJ Business Group F
General Services: Group O G
Hospital Services & Supplies: Tetra Medical Supply Corp H
Information Technology: The IT Architect I
5:10pm - 7:30pm Topping Off Networking Reception  C