Program Schedule

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

  7:30 am - 8:30 am Registration (Lobby) / Breakfast (Main Hall AB)
  8:30 am - 9:10 am

Welcome Address / Keynote Speaker (Main Hall AB)

  9:10 am - 9:20 am Break  
  9:20 am - 10:35 am Session 1
  • UIC Leaders, System Leaders, and the Board are Looking at Your Financials: What Do They See?: (Room D) Budget & Finance Track
  • UIC Institutional Research Office: Overview of Data and Analytical Services Available: (Room E) Data & Access Track
  • Hiring at UIC - Part 1: (Room F) Human Resource Track
  • All About Contracts at UIC: (Room G) Procurement Track
  • Driving Engagement, Teamwork and Collaboration Within Your Unit: (Room H) Professional Development Track
  • Post-Award Management: (Room I) Research Track
  10:35 am - 10:45 am Break  
  10:45 am - 12:00 pm Session 2
  • University Budget Models: RCM, Tuition Revenue Distribution, Hybrid Model: (Room D) Budget & Finance Track
  • Just the Tricks - Timesaving Tricks for EDDIE, MobiusView, Banner and My-UI-Financials: (Room E) Data & Access Track
  • Hiring at UIC - Part 2: (Room F) Human Resource Track
  • TEM tips and future roadmap: Suggestions and examples for improving efficiency and reducing frustration; current related activities (Source2Pay & TRIP): (Room G) Procurement Track
  • The Brain at Work: Applying Neuroscience to Leadership Competencies in Order to Effectively Communicate, Collaborate and Lead: (Room H) Professional Development Track
  • Compliance Oversight in Research: Export Controls, Sexual Harassment, Foreign Influence & COI: (Room I) Research Track
  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch (Main Hall AB)  
  1:00 pm - 1:10 pm Break  
  1:10 pm - 2:25 pm Session 3
  • Internal Controls & Prevention/Detection of Fraud: (Room D) Budget & Finance Track
  • PO Payments to Vendors: Tips for Submission and Tracking: (Room E) Data & Access Track
  • Employee Relations: (Room F) Human Resource Track
  • Procurement at UIC: Requirements under The Illinois Procurement Code and Rules: (Room G) Procurement Track
  • Leadership Roundtable Discussion: UI Business Leaders Provide Insight on Career Advancement Success: (Room H) Professional Development Track
  • Issues in Contracts for Sponsored Program Research: (Room I) Research Track
  2:25 pm - 2:35 pm Break  
  2:35 pm - 3:50 pm Session 4
  • Overview of Risk Management and Insurance: (Room D) Budget & Finance Track
  • "Deep Dive" on Using Business Objects: (Room E) Data & Access Track
  • UIC Employment Cycle: (Room F) Human Resource Track
  • We all buy with iBuy! – Become an eProcurement Expert: (Room G) Procurement Track
  • Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness and Self-Management: (Room H) Professional Development Track
  • Payments to Students: (Room I) Research Track