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2013 UIUC Business Leadership Conference

Conference Sponsors

Office of the Chancellor
Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Office of the Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance (OBFS)

About the Conference

The Business Leadership Conference will be held on March 9 and 10, 2015, at the I Hotel and Conference Center. This professional development conference is a collaborative effort of Campus Leadership, Campus Business Professionals, and University Administration with the purpose to provide departmental business managers and administrators with knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities to enable them to manage the challenges they face and pursue excellence in their roles at the University. The conference planning team defines professional excellence as:

  • being proactive through forecasting and planning;
  • being open to different ways of doing business and developing creative solutions to business problems;
  • understanding one’s contribution to the success of the individual unit and the University as a whole;
  • sharing best practices and methods through collaboration and networking;
  • actively developing one’s professional career and the careers of staff members.

The primary goals of the conference included the following:

  • to facilitate the sharing of best practices, new knowledge, tips, and tools that are relevant to business leaders and that can be passed to their staff members;
  • to provide a forum for business leaders to share problems and concerns and develop possible solutions for some of the most challenging issues they face;
  • to encourage networking and collaboration across units, departments, and schools/colleges;
  • to recognize the importance of the work being done by this group of administrators and foster a greater sense of purpose and camaraderie.