Schedule of Events

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

11:00am until 7:30pm Registration  
12:00pm Welcome Remarks>  Room
1:40pm - 2:15pm Session 1 Room
  Architecture & Engineering: Synergy Development LTD D
Communication & Marketing: Accent Marketing E
General/Health Services: Continental Transportation Solutions, Inc. F
Human Resources: FARO Associates G
Information Technology: EX3 Labs, LLC H
Investment Management/Assets Services: Piedmont Investment Advisors, Inc. I
2:15pm - 2:25pm Break  
2:25pm - 3:00pm Session 2 Room
  Architecture & Engineering: KDM Engineering D
Communication & Marketing: The Nova Collective E
General/Health Services: GHC Consulting Services
Human Resources: Lifespiration G
Information Technology: WalkerHealthcareIT H
Investment Management/Assets Services: Hollis Park Partners I
3:05pm - 3:40pm Session 3 Room
  Architecture & Engineering:TERRA Engineering LTD D
Communication & Marketing: IntraLink Global E
General/Health Services: Valley Grande Foods & Supplies, LLC
Human Resources: Multilingual Connections G
Information Technology: Lexicon Networks H
Investment Management/Assets Services: The Williams Capital Group, L.P. I
3:40pm - 3:50pm Break  
3:50pm - 4:25pm Session 4 Room
  Architecture & Engineering: Interra, Inc. D
Communication & Marketing: Media Link E
General/Health Services: Healthy Substance F
Human Resources: Adelfia LLC G
Information Technology: EC-United H
Investment Management/Assets Services: Ramirez Asset Management, Inc. I
4:30pm - 5:05pm Session 5 Room
  Architecture & Engineering: IDG Architects D
Communication & Marketing: Art On The Loose, Inc. E
General/Health Services:Supply-Chain Services, Inc (SSI) F
Human Resources: CRS Group G
Information Technology: DivIHN Integration Inc. H
Investment Management/Assets Services: I
5:10pm - 7:30pm Topping Off Networking Reception  C